The Fredericton Model Aircraft Club (FMAC) is a group of approximately 25 members who share an enthusiasm for building and flying radio control model aircraft. We fly all types of remote control aircraft, such as sports planes, scale airplanes, jets, gliders, trainers and helicopters. Propulsion can be electric motors, gas engines, jet turbines, glow engines and gravity (gliders). We operate in and around the Fredericton area and maintain a flying field, Durham Field, about 25 kilometers north of the city centre.


about01FMAC is a charter club of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). The objective of the membership is to enjoy all aspects of R/C aviation and to foster community and collaboration within the club. We are dedicated to promoting model aviation in the Fredericton area and to provide opportunity and assistance to those interested in pursuing this great hobby.

Flight instruction by qualified instructors is provided free of charge to FMAC members. Learning to fly R/C is fun and rewarding and our Flight Training Program can help you become a safe and responsible R/C pilot.


The club holds a general meeting at 7:00 pm on the third Monday of each month except July, August and December. We meet in the Basement Conference Room, Evangel Assembly, 705 Maple Street, Fredericton, NB. All are welcome to attend. October’s meeting is for annual business, election of officers, etc.

If you are considering a hobby in R/C aviation then we welcome you to come and see what we are all about.

Our Past

FMAC was founded in January of 1973 with its inaugural meeting at the Base Gagetown Recreational Centre. Founding members present at that meeting were Ray Forbes, who was our first president, Dave Gamblin, Bill Dorey, Charlie Dobson, Perley Wilkins, Dave Coxall and Carl Risteen. Of the founding members, only Dave Gamblin and Carl Risteen are still with FMAC.

Our first flying field was Wilkins Airstrip, the former light aircraft airport on Airport Road, Nashwaaksis, in 1971. In 1972, we moved to a vacant field in New Maryland, on Atkinson Crescent. In 1976, we started using the present Upper Durham field part of the time. In 1979 or 1980 we began using the Durham field exclusively, except for some flying at the Blissville Airport and Woolastook Park, mainly in spring before the Durham field was open. Some fun-flys were held at Blissville in the mid-70s; a more convenient location for the Saint John flyers.

FMAC is 47 years old in 2020, so 2020 is our 48th year. Scary how time flies, eh? During the first few years, we had no steady venue for meetings. The earliest meetings were held at the Fredericton Boat Club on Lincoln Road. Some meetings were held in members’ houses. We moved to a NB Department of Transportation facility on College Hill Road, near the Research and Productivity Centre for about ten years, then used the Nashwaaksis Junior High School until around 2000, when we began using the our current facility in the Fredericton Legion on Queen Street.